Good company to work for it allows employees to push themselves for advancement. Ace offers multiple employment opportunities and a inner challenge for those that want growth

Medical Billing Supervisor/Payroll Administrator, Boston, MA

This is one of the better temp agencies I’ve worked with. The staff is friendly and very helpful with job placement. I liked the jobs I was offered and they always paid on time.

Customer Service Professional, Boston, MA

After my last child was born, my husband was working a night shift. At this time in my life, it was a good idea to stay home with my children as this might be my last chance to spend so much time with them. I decided to temp for a couple of years so as not to lose touch with changing technology.

The staff treated me with respect and let me know that they appreciated my skills and hard work. If someone I temped for thought I was a good worker, they let me know. If I had a bad experience, they would say, “Remember you don’t work for them, you work for us and we know what kind of work you do”.
If I had the means to temp and didn’t need to work full time, I would work for them. I heard they had permanent placement now, so I will keep them in mind for a full time job.

Administrative Assistant, Boston, MA

Small, friendly staffing agency with great working relationships with local businesses looking for temporary staff.

Unit Secretary, Boston, MA

Working with Ace Employment has made my career change easier than I’d thought. I’ve had the pleasure of working with both Mark and Derek who were very helpful and kind. They placed me in a few temp positions that opened a flood-gate of great networking opportunities and they also worked with me to make sure that my career goals were met.

I ended up landing my current job with a placement from Ace and I’ve been here for a year at the end of this month. Overall it was a pleasure working with this company and I’m very happy and grateful for all that they’ve done!!!

Executive Assistant, Boston, MA

Excellent to work for my assignment was rewarding and wish I could find more work this them. The staff was very helpful with any problems that I may had encountered. I would not have a problem working with them in the future.

Temporary Administrative Employee, Boston, MA

I applied for a job and received a call the next day. I went in and met management and started a few days later. They are very professional. I highly recommend ACE Employment.

Customer Service Representative, Boston, MA

I enjoyed working as a temp to hire employer. Ace always kept me busy. The staff was always available to answer any questions or concerns I may have had.

Temporary to Permanent Assignment Candidate, Boston, MA