A Guide To Selecting A Staffing Agency

Regardless of the size of your business, it is important to have the best human capital. The quality of your staff is an important factor in the success of your company.


However, there are many costs and issues that come with hiring. Small businesses, in particular, face challenges in recruiting. One way of simplifying recruitment is to use staffing agencies.

Whatever your staffing needs are, there is a staffing company that can help you fill the position. Temporary worker? Check. Temporary-to-hire? Check. Staffing agencies can also help you recruit role or industry specific staff in areas like accounting, IT, customer service and health care.

How do you select a staffing agency that would give you the best results?

ALWAYS USE STAFFING COMPANIES WITH GOOD TRACK RECORDS. Since you are using the staffing firm as a guide to meeting your staffing needs, experience is a must. The firm should be able to point to satisfied clients. Also, the firm must have experience in filling similar positions and in your industry. You should ask the agency for the type of staff it usually places. From their answer, you can decide if they are a fit for you.

EVERY COMPANY WANTS QUALITY STAFF. Before you choose a staffing firm, find out how they screen their candidates. Do they just take anyone? What sort of skills do their candidates have? Only use staffing firms that have a history of placing quality employees.

WHAT VALUE ADDED SERVICES DOES THE STAFFING COMPANY PROVIDE? Many staffing agencies would usually place workers and leave it at that, forcing the employer to deal with other issues of the employment contract. However, a good staffing agency would provide other services like salary negotiation and benefits planning, on-boarding, etc. In essence, you should get a staffing agency that would go beyond staffing to providing consultancy for your human capital needs.

For the reasons above, it is usually best to use a full service staffing agency as they would be better equipped to provide the array of services needed to fully meet your staffing needs.

Above all, you should choose a staffing company that provides competitive pricing. A very low price might be a sign that you would get poor quality staff.

With the tips above, you should be able to select the right staffing agency to help you meet your personnel needs.

Ace Employment Unlimited Corp. has over 25 years of experience as a full service staffing company and would provide quick and quality solutions to your staffing needs.

9 thoughts on “A Guide To Selecting A Staffing Agency

  1. Staffing agencies can definitely be a helpful way to find the right people to help your business run smoothly. I personally don’t have a business, but perhaps one day in the future I will be able to open a business. Your suggestion to find a firm that has experience filling similar positions in your industry was very insightful. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have always been curious about how a company would go about choosing a staffing company. I really like that you say to find out how they find their candidates. It would be nice to get an idea of how they background check people.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I like how you mentioned about checking experience while choosing a staffing agency. My uncle wants to launch his own business, so I’ll definitely share this useful information with him.

  4. It’s great that you talked about how the agency screens their candidates before hiring. My dad is looking to find some reliable employment agencies but needs tips. I’ll be sure to talk to him about hiring an agency that properly screens candidates before hiring.

  5. You’ve got good tips for choosing a staffing agency. I like how yous aid that they need to screen their candidates in an effective way. The point of hiring an agency would be to get great employees, so focusing on that makes perfect sense!

  6. This is some really good information about recruiting agency. It is good to know that it would be smart to consider what type of screening agency. That does seem like it would be very helpful when you need to recruit new employees quickly.

  7. Thanks for mentioning that experience is a must when you need to hire an agency to meet your staffing needs. My brother is thinking about hiring a staffing agency next month because the company he works for is contemplating increasing their production. I think it’s a good investment to hire a reputable agency that can meet employee placement requirements if they decide they need more people.

  8. My husband’s company has a big construction project coming up next month because they are planning on restructuring their entire warehouse. They are thinking about finding a staffing agency to help them hire construction workers, and I am glad that I found this article! Thank you for explaining that it’s important to choose a staffing agency with experience and a good track record.

  9. I agree with you that we should always look for a staffing firm that has a good track record in pointing companies to reliable work talents. I would imagine that it is especially important for a company to have workers that can actually contribute to the growth of the business. To me, a good staffing firm can ensure the satisfaction of both the job seeker and also the human resources department in a company.

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